Today's Donation May Lead to Tomorrow's Cure.
With Michigan Blood Collection, your living gift of a blood donation helps researchers around the world in their efforts to find a cure. We collect both normal blood samples as well as disease-state blood samples with a focus on cancer, degenerative disorders, and genetic conditions. Learn more about how your donation helps to accelerate research like this!

Used by Researchers for a Wide Range of Scientific Projects

Donors offering normal samples will register for a collection event that works best with their schedule, minimizing disruption to the day.

Donors providing disease-state samples may be dealing with medical conditions such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s or Lupus that have their own set of discomforts and limitations. Michigan Blood Collection is set up to come to you! When you schedule an appointment, our Donor Coordinator will help you set up your donation for a date, time, and location that is easy and convenient for you. Our disease-state donors frequently choose to donate from the comfort of their own homes!

Become a Michigan Blood Collection Donor!

The research community around the world is making amazing advancements in therapeutic approaches to treating, and even curing, a wide range of diseases and disorders. To make this happen, scientists need a reliable source of blood samples to help them in their work.

This is where our donors come in!

Normal and disease-state blood donations through Michigan Blood Collection help researchers in their efforts to find a cure for a wide range of diseases that are impacting people all around the world. Join our donor community by completing our appointment scheduling form and a Donor Coordinator will reach out.

Donating disease-state blood with Michigan Blood Collection is like a blood draw you may have experienced at your doctor’s office. We will collect four small tubes (around 40mL) in a process that takes about five minutes. We want to make this as easy as possible and will come to you, your donation happens from the comfort of your home!

For normal blood donations, a full unit of blood, typically 300-400mL, will be collected over a 10 to 15-minute period. You will have a short observation period following your donation where you will be provided a light snack. Normal samples are collected during collection events and may be selected once registration is complete.

Are you a caregiver, doctor, or medical professional?

Michigan Blood Collection works with a wide range of medical professionals across a range of institutions and organizations to provide customized opportunities for patients to meaningfully contribute to ongoing research. Learn more about our program for caregivers and how we can work together toward advancing science!

How it Works: The Donation Process in 4 Easy Steps!

1. Contact Us Online

Fill out our appointment scheduling form to get started. Our Donor Coordinator will reach out within 48 hours for a pre-screening phone call.

3. Finalize an Appointment Time

Finalize an appointment for a time that is convenient for you. For disease-state donors, our mobile donation unit can come to you at the scheduled date and time. Or, all normal and disease-state donors are welcome at collection events.

2. Pre-Screening Phone Call

Our team will confirm eligibility for donation, explain what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.

4. With our Thanks

Upon completion, we thank our donors with a gift card in appreciation of their time and effort. Learn more about our donation process and how it works!

Michigan Blood Collection empowers patients to meaningfully contribute to scientific research that is aimed at developing new therapeutic treatments and cures.

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