For Researchers

When able, Michigan Blood Collection will work with its Donor Community to seek out sample collections specific to your research. For example, we can help to arrange collections following a single donor over time or help you to access an attribute-specific disease state. Any normal collections requiring specific attributes may also be acquired.  If you have a sample request or research need, please submit the details below and we will determine accessibility and estimated time required to fulfill your request.

Conversely, if you have recently reached the end of your research study and have remaining samples and related longitudinal data, we are interested in speaking with you. Michigan Blood Collection will ensure that your work sees new life by facilitating the transfer of materials to other researchers working on relevant studies. Please complete the form below, and Michigan Blood Collection will be in touch to discuss the material and potential opportunity for transfer.

Please note, all use of biomaterials from Michigan Blood Collection are subject to our Material Transfer Agreement.