Withdrawl of Consent

Introduction:  As indicated on the original consent form, Dono Vivo, LLC., does provide means by which a participant can rescind consent for future use of specimens provided to Dono Vivo.  This document is intended to be used by participants who wish to rescind their original consent.  This withdrawal of consent extends only to those remaining specimens which have not been transferred to a researcher and any future collections.  As indicated in the original consent any samples that have already been placed with researchers may not be withdrawn as they have likely already been used or consumed by researchers.

What will happen to the information Dono Vivo, LLC., currently has?

If your specimens have been submitted to a researcher, your unique De-identification Code (DiC) will be inactivated within the LIMS system but securely maintained in case the need for a reference occurs in the future for a researcher who has already used your specimens.  All remaining specimens will be properly destroyed. If none your specimens have been transferred to a researcher then all specimens will be destroyed and your data deleted from the secure LIMS system in which it is currently stored.  These actions will be taken within 10 business days of signed form receipt.

If my sample has been used can I contact the researcher to let them know I have rescinded consent?

No, the spirit of our structure is to maintain confidentiality on all fronts. A participant contacting a researcher would breach the security of the anonymity we originally committed to keeping, disallowing the sharing of that information. We can, however, provide insight into how your specimen was used.

If you would like to withdraw your consent, please download the PDF version of this document below and send a signed copy to Dono Vivo either by email to donovivo@donovivo.com or by mail Attn: Data Collection Administrator, 46430 Peary Ct., Novi, MI, 48377. Once your form has been received, Dono Vivo will sign and return to you as confirmation that your request has been received and processed.